Say No to Wine Monopolies – Say No to the Cork Tax

The Cork Tax and Wine Monopolies. How can you help? If you live in New York, click on the link below and follow the instructions. If you do not live in New York, share and spread the word to everyone you know who loves wine. With enough support and activism, we can defeat the proposed Cork Tax and go about what we enjoy doing most – sharing and drinking good wine.

The Wine Culture Project

As I get my bag ready for another day on the road in snowy New Jersey, I had to take a few minutes to ask for your help in fighting off a dire threat to not only David Bowler Wine, but other like-minded importers and distributors in the New York Metropolitan area.  The threat is the Cork Tax that is currently working its way through the New York State Legislature*.  If this bill passes, wholesalers who distribute their wines in New York will be required to store those wines in a New York warehouse.  Known as an “at-rest” law, this proposed legislation can have a dramatic effect on the New York wine market.  How so?

Prices for wines distributed by those who warehouse in New Jersey will go up in order for distributors to recoup the costs associated with real estate, rent, and taxes.  And we are not talking about…

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Commandaria – un legado de calidad en los vinos de Chipre

Commandaria – un legado de calidad en los vinos de Chipre

Herencia antigua, y con interpretación moderna,  surge una nueva generación de vitivinicultores.
Lefteris Mohianakis tiene viñedos en las altas colinas cerca de la ciudad de Zoopigi. Las dos uvas que utiliza, Mavro, una uva roja, y Xynisteri, una blanca,
“Verdaderamente creo que el terroir (la geología y clima de un lugar) es una de las cosas más importantes para producir un vino de alta calidad”

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