Commandaria Region

Home to the first wine appellation of controlled origin (AOC) in Cyprus and cradle of an millennial art of winemaking for high quality of sweet and fortified wines that acquired the Commandaria name from legendary crusader knights that had adopted it as ‘Le Vin de la Commandarie’.

The unique Cypriot wine is made exclusively from late harvest and sun dried grapes Xynisteri and the Mavro red grape exclusive to the 14 hilltop villages north of Limassol, the port city of Cyprus.

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Kyperounda Commandaria

Kyperounda Commandaria


St.Barnabas Commandaria

Such is Commandaria wine, the classic style of fortified wine from Cyprus, perceived as a dormant gem yet with a reputation anchored in history, whose quality remains defiant to all modern still wines made on the island.

Commandaria wine, l’incontournable of Cyprus Wines