Petritis Xynisteri Kyperounda Wines

Petritis Xynisteri,  a unique Xynisteri in Cyprus distinguished by high altitude viticulture; the Xynisteri vinified by Minas Mina at Kyperounda Winery presents itself with great lemon and tropical fruit, with balanced acidity and structure, but holds a secret, that only reveals itself with older vintages.  Contrary to common habit of drinking Xynisteri whites within the year, properly conserved Xynisteri from Petritis is delightfully tasty even with the passage of time.

Petritis Xynisteri Vertical Tasting in Kyperounda Pitsilia

Kyperounda Winery may pride itself to be surrounded by vineyards of  highest altitude;  beyond the 1400 meters, the microclimate of the region and professional synergies have consolidated the 15 years of operation into one of the most forward looking wineries of Cyprus with wines of established quality.

Kyperounda Wines made in Kyperounda in the region of  Pitsilia

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