Ezousa Winery

Ezousa Winery in the western region of Paphos best embodies the drive behind upcoming wineries willing to challenge existing wine culture in tune with customer changing tastes without compromising  indigenous grape varieties such as Maratheftiko and Xynisteri.

michalis constantinides ezousa winery

Under the leadership of Michalis Constantinides and a consolidated market presence in Cyprus, the Ezousa wines have become a bastion of enduring quality as mythical river from which the winery takes it’s name.

Wines from Ezousa Winery

Ezousa Xynisteri white 2012

Ezousa Xynisteri

Ezousa Eros Maratheftiko Rosé Wine

Ezousa Eros Rosé

Ezousa Eros Maratheftiko Red Wine

Ezousa Metharme Maratheftiko

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